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Types of Readings

Palm and Tarot Reading $25
Astrology or Horoscope Reading $35
Pet or Picture Reading $45
Spiritual (Aura Reading) $55
Psychic Reading (Vibration or Artical Reading) $65
Clairvoyant (Vibration and Aura Reading) $75

Through my clairvoyant ability you can receive insightful direction for future plans and choices. Through my healing ability and the use of crystal energy, I can help you solve your problems. Whether you are worried, confused, troubled, or unhappy, I can help with all matters of life.

Relationships - new or old, business, job, finance, addictions, legal, health, family, friends, etc. I also help restore luck, love, happiness, and removing negativity, jealousy, obstacles, or any unnatural conditions.

Other Services

Aura Photography $25
Reiki or Meditation (per session) $50
Aura/Chakra/Karma Clearing or Balancing $100
Love Repair or Reunion $200
Negativity or Blockage Removal $300

*For all other crystal therapy healing procedures, call in for a free quote

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