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About Us/How It Works

If you are reading this you are clearly in need of answers – an understanding of why you are not where you want to be in life, out of options, desperate for answers or to know the outcome of a situation or relationship in the future, you tried all you can. You didn’t not find this site by curiosity or accident. We are all spirit lead as our spirits work like a GPS and help you take the best route to reach a certain destination. You will be happy to hear that for every problem there is a spiritual solution.





Crystal therapy has been practiced since 1500 B.C.. It is the modern day solution for many problems. Physically, scientifically, spiritually and religiously. Using the right stone is key to accurate results.

As a registered gemologist I am familiar with over 3000 different type of crystals and the healing properties they posses. I am a certified psychologist specializing in counselling for many life matters. I am born clairvoyant and also am a proud member and graduate with the Canadian and American Association of Psychics & Healers. I proudly manage many fundraiser events for many different charities. The children of India have been a large focus at many events I attend every summer. Religions of all types are welcome as I have carefully studied all religions and culture. I have worked with every religion and have a deep respect for all. My services are especially catered to fit in with each and every religion. If ever a client has a situation myself or my team are unable to help resolve, I can help show them the way by making necessary referrals for their needs whether it be to respected doctors, lawyers, fertility specialists, for financial assistance, police, immigration, tutors, job recruiters, business help, real estate, etc. ~ Rebecca A

Most of the time a person with spiritual needs will get help for what they came for and during their treatment realize other areas that also are of concern. For some situations, crystal therapy may not be needed. We are well trained in all life matters, physical and spiritual to help a person find peace and happiness. This being said, it is mandatory to assess all areas, not just one. So for all areas that do not fall into a spiritual help category, sometimes fortunate clients start spiritual healing and surprisingly every aspect changed for the better automatically. We do evaluate all areas of our clients’ lives. After understanding what the client needs are, we are able to help them accordingly.