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•  Yoga   •   Reiki   •   Reflexology   •   Meditation
•  Hypnosis   •   Diet Detox   •    Negativity Removal   •   Self healing (with/ without healing practitioner)
•  Chakra Alignment   •   Karma Restoring   •   Energy Detoxing   •   Aura Cleansing
•  Love Repair/Reunion   •  Crystal Therapy   •  Protections   •   Dream Analysis
•  Devine Connections   •  Religious Guidance   •   Addiction Help   •   Depression Solutions
•  Life Coaching   •   Blockage and Obstacle Removal   •   Enhance the 6th Sense     

Many of our service are available via phone, Skype/FaceTime, text or in person upon request. Services range from  $50 & up
Various services are available for 15/30/45/60 minute packages upon request.

Crystal therapy prices are based on type, clarity, quality, rawness, cut, polished and availability to find out pricing for specific problem or certain crystal call or email us for a quote or appraisal. Material insurance is available upon request.